Thursday, 14 August 2014

How To Flash Nokia Mobiles With UFS Micro Box

How to flash Nokia mobile with UFS micro box. It is very easy to flash your Nokia phone using UFS micro box. First of all install UFS setup on your computer. If you have not downlaod UFS HWK setup click here to download. After downloading double click on the UFS setup and start installing.
how to flash nokia phones with ufs micro box

After the installing process, Follow the simple steps.

  • Double click DCTxBBS icon on your desktop.
  • Click the connect button, This process connect the software to the UFS box.
  • Select your Mobile to flash.
Nokia Phones Are Divided Into 5 Main Groups.

  1. DCT3-     This group contain old white phones phones. E.G 1100, 1280 etc.
  2. DCTL-     This group contains old colourfull phones.  E.G  2690, 5130 etc.
  3. DCT4-      This group contain X1, C1 Mobiels.
  4. WD2-       This group contain 7610, 6600 moblies.
  5. BBS-        This group contain N-70, N-73, N-80, etc
After select your phone group, You will connect your phone to your computer. Now click the check icon, If your phone is successfully connected your phone to your computer. Choose flash files and flash your phone easily, When complete flashing process remove your phone to your computer.

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