Thursday, 20 October 2016

Nokia XL Android RM-1030 New Updated Flash Files Free Download

Nokia XL (Android) new updated flash file of firmware is now available to download directly without waiting. This dual sim android phone is developed by Nokia. This android phone is comes in BBS group and it is a member to Nokia X series. This android phone does not support Google Play Store to download apps. You can download android apps from Nokia store.
Nokia XL (Android) RM-1030 New Updated Flash Files Free Download

This Nokia android phone flash file are small size, so you can download it easily within a minutes. You can flash your Nokia android phone using UFS, ATF, and JAF. 

Download the Nokia XL RM-1030 Android firmware and flash files for product code 059V8V2:

Always check your handset’s product code and download accordingly!
  • Variant ID : 7376023664
  • Product Code : 059V8V2
  • Software Version :

File Size : 6.09 Kb

File Size : 4.75 Mb

File Size : 5.61 Mb

File Size : 224.14 Kb

File Size : 80 Bytes

File Size : 4.21 Mb

File Size : 5.2 Mb

File Size : 391.98 Mb

File Size : 21.9 Mb

File Size : 40 Bytes

File Size : 587.74 Kb

File Size : 10.38 Kb

File Size : 152.28 Kb

File Size : 19.2 Mb

File Size : 40 Mb

File Size : 272.42 Mb

File Size : 17.96 Mb

File Name : P12082301dpi600.pcx
File Size : 12.87 Kb

File Size : 4.86 Kb

File Size : 6.92 Kb

File Size : 448 Bytes  

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